Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wow...i'm a "lame" blogger...but NO MORE!

Man...been a REALLY long time since i've posted to this Blog. I'm so lame. It hasn't been for lack of desire though. Fact is, I have a TON of pics from various restaurants, endeavors, etc. that I just need to sit down and write about. Problem is finding the time to actually sit down and write. You see, for me writing a blog post isn't a quick, jot something down kinda thing. I like to put thought into everything that I write and for me that takes time. It takes time for me to put my thoughts down in a way that satisfies me. Unfortunately, having a very physical day job leaves me not wanting to do much after I get home but veg out and relax. But no more! Gonna get off my lazy ass and start writing again! So stay tuned fellow foodies.....for the return of Foodie Monster! =)

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